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Do you think only well-off clients are willing to pay a premium?  Have you encountered not so well-off clients who opt to pay higher? Why do you think so?

Na-try mo na bang magpabibo sa clients mo in taking the initiatives of going the extra mile but charging them higher?  How did it turn out – napasaya mo ba sila?

In this episode of the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast, Niel Reichl and co-host Corina Obrero tell the story of how they started working together.  They also talk about how you can confidently demand from your clients (just like what Corina did to Neil).

In this  funny yet inspiring episode, you will:

  • Appreciate the 3rd way of making offers that make business sense: Effort-based results
  • Know the importance of taking the initiative to take projects out of your client’s plate so they can have more time to do what they do best
  • Discover how to assess your worth and assert your confidence to create crazy conditions because your client needs you more than you need them
  • Learn to practice the value of paying a premium to your Team and let it be your directive
  • Uncover one of the best things to happen in freelancers’ lives — the feeling of satisfaction when your client says “Thank you” despite the premium rates
  • Develop the abundant thinking, be commensurate, and a “value-for-value” concept
  • Be encouraged to join “Authority Circle” and become one of the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancers (MDFF)

We hope this episode encourages you to not just be a budolera/budolero freelancer but someone who charges a premium yet makes clients happy and satisfied with the quality of service you provide. Be a “Corina” to your clients!

Napakinggan mo ba ng kumpleto yung 3-part series of “Making Offers that Make Business Sense”? If hindi pa, balikan mo na yung naunang 2 episodes where we talk about making offers on revenue-based results and time-based results. Feel free to message us on Facebook if you have questions, clarifications or violent reactions. 

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