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Just the tip of the iceberg… 

Yan lang naman madalas ang nakikita natin sa bawat success story. Pero iyong kung paano narating ang estado na yan? Hindi natin alam. 

In our 100th episode… (yes po! Episode 100 na tayo! Salamat sa inyo!) …samahan natin si Coach Niel Reichl bilang guest, only in this special interview episode, hosted by the love of her life, and the woman beneath his wings, Ms. Alpha Reichl! But don’t be fooled by the sweet intro! Dahil kung may kinatatakutan man ang ating host, eto na siya to do this exclusive interview. (LOL)

Kaya kung matagal na kayong nasasaktan, nasasampal at nasasabunutan ng ating paboritong ‘brutal kung magmahal’ coach, this is your chance for a sweet revenge! (LOL) 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane as they give us a walkthrough on the journey of our No.1 Anti-Pabebe and Anti-Poorita Coach. Listen in this episode and learn about:

  • First Win: There Is Life In Freelancing 
  • The Highs: The Biggest Break & Basic Struggles 
  • The Lows: Real Life Bashers And What To Do With Them 
  • When Everything Falls Into Place 
  • The Thing That Should Come First: Taking Action vs Finding Passion 
  • The Significant Others: The People Who Helped In His Journey 
  • A Forgotten, Most-Ignored Philosophy In Life 
  • How Social Media Amplifies Insecurities And Diminshes Your Self-Confidence 
  • Anti-Poorita Law: Meet The Author At Humandang Masindak 

We’re excited to share this episode with you as a simple thanks. Hear the story of the Owner of the Anti-Pabebe and Anti-Poorita Foundation straight from him and his beloved life partner. This is Episode 100 of the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast! May this, in one way or another, inspire you to be the best person you can be…and malay mo, just maybe, you can be the first ever Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer! 

Makinig na sa paboritong podcast platform mo! 




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