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Redefining Breadwinning: A Journey of Self-Care, Success, and Supporting Loved Ones

Breadwinner ka ba kaya palaging huli ang sarili?

Bago pa umabot sa tipong you’re pouring blood from an empty cup, aba! Pakinggan mo itong episode na ‘to. 

Our guest for this interview episode has a different take on being a breadwinner. Pero, dahil pa rin sa kakaibang take niya and not choosing which to prioritize, nangyari ang isang hindi inaasahan. We can’t blame her though. Dahil just like you, mataas din ang pangarap niya. 

Join our Hosts, Coach Niel Reichl and Ms. Corina Obrero, with this episode’s guest, ang siyang nagbigay ng twist sa ukay-ukay, isang self-confessed pabebe pero nagte-take pa rin ng action, a sustainable living advocate, freelancer, and agency owner, Ms. Jhendell Tabliago!

In this solo episode, learn about:

  • Every Breadwinner’s Plight: Sacrifice and Compromise 

  • Money-vation: When It Becomes All About the Money  

  • Mastering the Art of Letting Go 

  • A Breadwinner’s Ultimate Fear 

  • On Chasing Dreams and Making Money Work 

Dito lang yan sa Episode 103 ng the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast! 

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