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Art of Subtle Selling: Non-Aggressive Techniques that Avoid the Yuck Factor Pt.2

Wow, ang ganda ng offer! Eh kaso, iilan lang ang prospects mo. Pa’no na ‘yan?!

In our last episode, nalaman natin ang unang solusyon para hindi maging trying hard sa pagbenta. (If you haven’t listened to Episode 106, it’s bets you listen now bago ka makinig nitong part 2.)

In this episode, pag-uusapan natin ang isa pang technique para hindi ka magtunog salesy, pushy, yucky at kadiri (eew!) sa offer mo. 

Samahan si Coach Niel Reichl in this solo episode and learn about

  • The Drawback and Reason Why Being Pushy Does Not Feel Right 

  • Understanding the ‘Numbers Game’: Strategies for Building Your Client Pipeline  

  • Another Yucky, Unpleasant Approach To Steer Clear From 

Tutok na sa Episode 108 ng the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast at maging sales machine in no time!

Makinig a sa paboritong podcast platform mo! 




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