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How long have you’ve been in the Freelancers’ World? Lunod ka na ba sa dami ng gigs or lutang ka pa din sa dami ng “what ifs”?

Are your life goals already clear for you? Do you now have the clarity of vision and mission of your freelancers’ journey? 

Do you remember that coffee commercial na nagsasabing “para kanino ka ba bumabangon”? Eh, what about that rubber slipper commercial “walang tibay na maasahan”?

Well, you wouldn’t know those commercials if you are younger than Niel, and you’ll probably wanna search for it to understand where those hugots are coming from. Freelancers’ Journey is a two-way street even from the very beginning – before closing that deal to your first ever client – it is between you and your support group a.k.a “FAMILY”.

In this super special bakbakan episode (which is by the way happening because we had 1,000+ downloads in 48hours! Thank you bashers!), Neil and Corina had a very special guest, no other than the one and only Queen, the wife of Neil, Ms. Meriel Alpha Reichl! 

They talk about how Neil started in his freelancing business and the role his wife played to push him to grow as a freelancer and business owner. 

In this nakakakilig yet hindi pabebe but bugbugan episode, you will:

  • Learn how Alpha was able to withstand Niel, particularly in the beginning of his freelancing business
  • Know the importance of setting your goals, vision, and mission
  • Appreciate the importance of communication and the right timing for it
  • Discover Alpha’s controversial perspective of “Utang na Loob” at bakit hindi ka dapat magdamdam kapag nareremind ka ng mga sacrifices ng pamilya mo sayo
  • Understand the proper mindset on “Pricing“ 

Yooown! Bitin ka no? Napa “sana all”  ka ba sa episode na ‘to? You better wait for the Part 2 kung saan hindi lang pamumula ng mukha (kahit hindi naman lasing) ang inabot ni Niel, but you’ll know the extent of support that a partner can pour out not only in your freelancing journey but most importantly to your lifetime partnership.

We hope this episode gives you a glimpse of how important family support is in any freelancers’ journey, particularly when you are just starting out at ang dami mo pang pabebe limiting beliefs. And yes, nasa part 2 ang super “kilig” revelation ni Ms. Alpha on how her love grows from the payat na Niel Reichl to the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer!

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