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Unlocking The Mystery of Shorter DCs (and some Red Flags of Poorita Clients)

Umay ka na ba sa 3, 2, o 1.5 hour-long na DCs? Only for you to find out na hindi ka naman niya afford? Or hindi kayo fit? (Ugh!)

In this solo episode, learn about:

  • Perfecting Prospecting through These Tools That Every Freelancer Should Have  (00:02:26 to 00:02:28)

  • How Your Booking Form Should Look Like (00:02:37 to 00:02:54) 

  • The Underrated, Counterintuitive Approach to Qualifying Your Prospects Before Hopping On A Call (00:02:55 to 00:03:20) 

  • The Exact Words to Tell At the Start of Your Call for a Higher Probabilty to Catching Your Dream Clients (00:03:21 to 00:03:50)  

  • Short DCs vs Hours-Long DCs

    • Short DCs: What Clients Think of It (00:03:51 to 00:04:17) 

    • Hours-Long DCs: What It Actually Becomes and a Red Flag of Micro-Managers (00:04:33 to 00:05:37) 

Yan, at iba pang golden nuggets about Discover Calls, hatid sa inyo ng ating Host, Coach Niel Reichl, sa Episode 122 ng The Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast.

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