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Fan-Tossed Fate: A Special KEM-EM-K Episode

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Feeling stuck ka ba sa paulit-ulit na cycle ng poorita at kaawa-awa mong buhay? 


This episode is the lifeline you’ve been waiting for!


Our guest in this episode is a man who turned the tables on destiny and sculpted a life of success from the ashes of despair. His inspiring journey is a masterclass in resilience, perseverance, and self-belief.


Aminadong mukhang pera, madalas epal, at madaming keme, but wait ‘til you hear his story. Indulge yourself in this episode that serves as an Ultimate Survival Guide to navigate life’s roughest waters and emerge victorious! 


In this episode, learn about:

  • The Tipping Point: Near-Death Spark to Unmatched Success

  • A Second Life: The Power of His Dreams and Perseverance 

  • Leap of Faith: Embracing Freelancing and Entrepreneurship 

  • Navigating Imposter Syndrome: From Self-Doubt to Self-Belief 

  • New Horizons: Entrepreneurship and Learning

Samahan sina Coach Niel Reichl at Ms. Corina Obrero sa isang mala-MMK episode with our KEME Coach, Airon Dela Cruz! Aside from taking notes, maghanda ng maraming tissue dahil hindi pwedeng hindi tutulo ang luha mo sa episode na ‘to! 


Episode 125 yan ng The Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast.


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