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The Art of High Ticket Sales: A Masterclass (w/ Patrick Lozano)

Gusto mo ng premium client? Sino nga ba namang hindi? Eh, alam mo kung pa’no? Hindi? Then here is an episode especially made for you.

Usapang premium! In this episode, we’ve got the privilege to take a peek behind the curtains of high ticket selling even amidst the economic challenges of a third-world country, such as the Philippines. Let’s dissect together the anatomy of high-ticket sales. 

A whiz at closing deals, in this episode, our Hosts, Coach Niel Reichl, and Ms. Corina Obrero join forces with Mr. Patrick Lozano of Louis Vuitton Solaire. Tune in to learn how to apply his proven strategies to your freelancing services and command premium rates.

Learn about:

  • Through The Funnel: Real-Life Upsell from Php40,000 to Php180,000 in a Day

  • The Intricate Art Of Selling Luxury Items 

  • The Psychology Behind A Prospect’s Gestures 

  • Your Role To Play: Sales Consultant vs Client Advocate  

  • A Closer’s Instinct 

Listen to Episode 127 ng The Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast, and get ready to win that premium deal next!

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