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Are you an aspiring million dollar freelancer? Or ligaw ka parin ba papalit palit ng skills at offer going back to square one? Nararamdaman mo bang nakukunsumi na sa’yo yung jowa mo?  Hindi ba kayo magkasundo sa mga gusto mong gawin at kailangan mong support to succeed in freelancing? Lagi na ba kayong nagtatalo saan nga ba papunta ang career mo as a freelancer? 

Freelancers have different struggles especially when they are starting out with the business. Marami ang nakakasayaw sa tugtog habang yung iba nagtitinikling pa din at paulit-ulit sa umpisa. One of the major factors to be successful in this journey is to have a good “support system”. 

As a freelancer, there will be times na mawawala ka sa focus because as you go along the business you’ll meet a lot of people and encounter a lot of gigs na kakaway sa’yo especially if the required skills can charge premium. So dahil feeling mo magaling ka, imbes na nakalarga ka na, titigil ka para aralin yung skill na ‘yun, ang ending – you always go back to square one!

Ilang taon ka na sa freelancing business pero always feeling starter ka pa din? Ansaket besh! Wag ganon, magfocus ka! 

You, and your family/support group, need to hear the second part of our super special bakbakan episode where Niel Reichl, Corina Obrero, and the one and only Queen, the wife of Niel, Ms. MerieAlpha Reichl talk about the importance of the people “behind-the-scenes”,  the common struggles encountered in a freelancing business at paano mo nga ba realistically pwedeng mareach yung “millionaire freelancer” goal mo. 

If hindi mo pa napakinggan yung first part, balikan mo na yun para hindi ka mabitin. Pero kung feeling mo too much ay naku! wag ka na makinig ng episode na ito, kasi mas marami pang babasaging limiting beliefs si Alpha dito. 

In this marites-worthy bugbugan, laglag-puso ng pabebe episode, you will:

  • Know Niel’s controversial birthday blues (a.k.a. Niel’s pabebe moments)
  • Understand why Alpha believes in Million Dollar Filipino Freelancers (MDFF) and why you should, too! 
  • Discover the strategies to reach your “realistic” target income
  • Hear Alpha’s various no-BS litanya for your pabebe freelancing tactics
  • Learn how a 17-y/o girl landed her first freelancing gig 
  • Alpha’s first action if she ever won as President of the Philippines and why
  • The Chronicles of Alpha’s Love towards Niel (from the payat na Niel to the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer)

We hope this episode reminds you, Freelancers, that if you want something so bad you’ll work for it, and always treat yourself and your work with dignity.  And if you are listening to this kasi ikaw ay supporting a freelancing partner, sana you’ll get a better idea how you can become an Alpha to them. 

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