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Work-from-home job ka? O Freelancer? (Bakit magkaiba ba ‘yun?)

How much do you earn? Is it really possible na hindi ka na dadaan sa poorita/baryable rate and you can charge premium outright?

In this episode, Niel Reichl talks about how you can shift from your swelduhan mindset to negosyante mindset and how you can charge premium even if you are just new in the freelancing business.

In this ego-boosting episode, you will:

  • Understand if freelancers and work-from-home jobs are the same
  • Learn the difference between swelduhan mindset and negosyante mindset
  • Know the importance of positioning
  • Discover and learn the steps to apply the “Investor’s Mindset” 

We hope this episode helps you understand why you should always practice the Investor’s Mindset in your freelancing business to let the people see you and all Filipino Freelancers as world-class business partners. 

BUT still, you have to be conscious on when to consider charging a “baryable” rate. If you want to understand the difference between poorita or “baryable” rate vs. premium rate, you better listen to Episode 11.  In that episode, you will also learn how you can shift charging from baryable rate to premium rate. 

May napala ka ba sa episode na to?  The point is as soon as you learn something new, apply it right away!

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