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Anong offer mo? Copywriting, Lead Generation, Podcast Management, SMM? or Facebook Ads marketing? 

What are your goals for this coming year? Are you currently serving the same niche or are you learning new services na naman???? 

Hula ko iniisip mo na mag switch markets and learn a new skill (pang ilan na to besh?)  

If you are feel like parang hindi nagwwork yung ginagawa mo, and you are considering to jump boats again, maghunusdili ka muna! 

Self doubt is very normal basher, and don’t worry hindi ka nagiisa! Even the best freelancers out there may mga ganyang moments. Ang mas mahalaga, tignan muna natin ano ba yung pinakamagandang gawin. 

In this eye opening episode,may pa special guest sila Niel at Corina – one of the King of Facebook Ads Marketing, Coach Julian Canita! 

Yes, despite of many businesses leaving Facebook andito parin at profitable ang business ni Julian. Bakit? Aba, makinig ka mabuti! 

Make sure to listen and learn about Julian’s journey of self doubt and what is he doing to future proof his freelance business. Get your headsets and bluetooth speakers ready, and learn: 

  • Is Facebook Ads still profitable this 2022?
  • What are the three biggest transitions in the life of a man?
  • Know the importance of having a coach in Freelancing 
  • Understand the power of initiating and asking questions
  • How to measure success in Facebook Ads

Kung pagod na pagod ka na trying to figure it out by yourself, or feeling mo may kulang and you could’ve been doing more, perfect for you ang episode na ito. 

Word of caution: this is a vulnerable topic pero dudurugin parin ng tatlong lodi coaches ang mga pabebe feelings mo. 

We hope this episode gives you a realization about the proper mindset and actions that a true Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer should possess. 

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