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New Year's Resolution

New Year na! Eh from last year na New Year’s Resolution mo, happy ka naman ba?

Nahit o achieve mo naman ba goals mo? May mga natick off ka naman ba sa list mo?

Whether oo o hindi ang sagot mo jan, makinig ka na sa episode na to and hear from our Host, Coach Niel Reichl, a brand new approach that we should be doing for ourselves, mapaNew Year man, o kahit anong okasyon mo iset ang resolutions mo.

In this next episode, learn:

  • Why You Should Still Make Your New Year’s Resolution Even If You’ve Failed To Do It In The Past  

  • The Only Thing You Should Be Doing To Get A Different Result 

  • The Only Person You Should Hold Accountable 

Samahan natin ang ating Host, si Coach Niel Reichl, sa isa na namang realtalk solo episode ng… 

The Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast!

Makinig sa favorite podcast platform mo gamit ang link below. 🙂 




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