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Learn the Hacks to Collect Outstanding Client Invoices

Judith! Judith! Disco na tayo!!!

Grabe besh, due date na ng mga bills, ilang araw na lang disconnection na and yet hindi ka pa din nakakareceive ng payment from client.

Paano ba dapat maningil kay client? What if remind mo sya for unpaid invoices and he’s not in a good mood and bigla ka na lang bigyan ng negative feedback?

Eh paano naman kung mahiyain ka na nga maningil tapos si client deadma din and buying time to pay you kasi nga di ka naman nagpafollow-up? So paano, nganga na lang ba tayo sa ilalim ng puno?

Struggle is real besh!  Mapalad talaga ang mga freelancers na laging on-time magbayad si client.

In this solo episode, Niel Reichl talks about the hacks on how to deal with your clients with outstanding invoices even if you’re an introvert.

In this short encouraging episode, you’ll learn:

  • The perspective of client if you don’t follow-up for outstanding invoices
  • Different hacks/approaches to collect unpaid invoices from different types of clients
  • Discover the “Trojan Horse Follow-up System”
  • How to deal with clients who are financially struggling

I hope this episode reminds you of your reasons why you chose to be a freelancer – kasi you chose happiness and you’re not sacrificing fulfillment/satisfaction.  So sana iapply mo agad ang natutunan mo from this episode. Maninigil ka na besh! Wag kang mahiya, magsabi ka lang kay client.

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