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“Next time na ako magreregister isa pa lang naman client ko.”

“Bayad ng tax? hindi pa ako agency tska na yan liliit lang kita ko jan!”

“Bakit pa ako magdedeclare ng earnings ko hindi naman ako mahuhuli ng BIR?”

BIR? Tax? Ano un? 

Taas paa ng tinamaan bashers!!!

As early as you land your first client, pwede ka na magregister besh. Pampaliit lang ng income? Hindi naman required? 

Very Wrong!!

How long have you been in the freelancing business? At bakit hanggang ngayon hindi ka pa rin registered? 

If you are really serious in becoming a Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer, you have to treat yourself as a legitimate business owner at hindi paraket raket lang. That means you also have to be responsible enough to comply with all the requirements for your business to survive and grow. 

Not sure where to start? Eto na sasagutin na ang mga katanungan mo! 

In this alarming but masustansyang conversation, coach Neil and co-host Corina, with their special guest, Jac Cantos of Upcloud Accounting and Investment talk about tax compliance as a freelancer. Bago ka matakot magpost ng wins mo at magshare ng earnings mo, we suggest you listen to this episode and learn: 

  • Ano ba ang perks ng pagiging tax compliant freelancer? Can it really help your freelance business to grow? 
  • What to do if takot ka maflag dahil late ka na nagregister?
  • Can the BIR really catch you if you’re not registered? 
  • What are the different bank transactions na pwede makapagrestrict ng bank account mo? 
  • Mas mabuti ba to hire someone na maghahandle ng finances mo or ikaw na lang? 
  • Ano ba ang minimum fee that you will need if you want it done for you without the headache? 

We hope this episode helps you shift your mindset towards becoming a legitimate business owner and encourages you to learn the importance of paying your taxes and ano ba ang perks nito aside from just following the law. 

Kung tinamaan ka sa episode na ito, aba e GUMANTI KA BASHER!! Share to your fellow freelancer and business owner kahit PM lang para secret kung hindi pa sila nagbabayad ng tax. Para aware din sila ano bang dapat gawin. 


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