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“I’m the strong one, I’m not nervous. I’m as tough as the crust of the Earth is. I move mountains, I move churches, and I glow, ’cause I know what my worth is. I don’t ask how hard the work is. Got a rough indestructible surface…”

Napakanta ka din ba? Or hindi ka makarelate kasi hindi naman ikaw ang breadwinner ng family mo?

Or baka kaya hindi ka makarelate kasi hindi mo naman napanood ang movie na “Encanto”?

Bashers, we know na marami sa inyo ang peg ay pag marami kang responsibilidad sa buhay nagiging least priority mo na ang sarili mo. Pero alam mo ba na senyales din ng pagiging pabebe ‘yang pagkadakila mo? Hindi dahil breadwinner ka kakalimutan mo na mahalin ang sarili mo.

Awts! Sapul ba?

In this episode, Niel Reichl and co-host Corina Obrero are joined by a special guests — ang OBM na strict ng Team Authority Circle, Cyrel Soriano a.k.a “The Panganay Breadwinner”, and her sister “Aira”, where they talk about the life stages of a “Panganay Breadwinner” and her success in the freelancing career.

In this roller-coaster-emotional-ride, mind-opening, but pabebe-killer episode, you’ll learn:       

  • The considerations when transitioning your career from employment to freelancing
  • How to cope-up with the struggles of newbies in the freelancing business
  • Importance of having your family as your support system
  • BONUS! Life Tips especially on how to overcome your weaknesses (including cheating)

Hope we have open your mind to stop being a pabebe breadwinner or team player. We all play a role in this life, husayan mo na! It’s so nice for everyone in the Team to realize what’s their role to play, and sana after listening to this episode if you haven’t played your role well yet, aba eh simulan mo na NGAYON!

At uulitin ko, it’s okay not to be okay, all you need to do is just OPEN UP! Have a great support system!


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