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“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.”

Agree ka ba sa quote na yan ni Mang Brian (Tracy)?

Sometimes we’re not even able to do another step in dealing with our prospects kasi umpisa pa lang butata na? Paano ba naman umpisa pa lang ng hirit mo tunog pakabig ka na…

Wag ganon besh! People will never close a deal with you kung ang priority mo lang ay kumita sa magiging transaction nyo. You have to make them feel your sincerity and give them the security na mapapadali ang buhay nila if ikaw ang pipiliin nila.

So paano nga ang dapat gawin?

In this solo episode, Niel Reichl will tell you what is that one step that you should be doing before you start the sales conversation and how you could be better at closing.

In this short yet “meaty” episode, you’ll learn:

  • The persuasive tactics in closing the sales
  • How to do the “Pre-step” and the benefits of doing it
  • The importance of having a “cemented” or concrete relationship with your connections

Ikaw, what is your most persuasive tactic in closing the sale?  How do you do your pre-step? Appreciate if you could share your best practice para naman lalong matauhan itong mga pabebe na bashers ng podcast na ‘to! 

At ikaw naman bashers, tigilan mo na ang anumang limiting beliefs mo dahil you can really close that sales kung titigilan mo ‘yang pagpapabebe mo at gagawin mo ‘yung “must-do-one-step” na tinuro ko! 

Uulitin ko, IT’S IN THE CONVERSATIONS! Huwag kang maging poorita, huwag kang maging pabebe. The world is rich, let’s enjoy it!”


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