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WHO and HOW – the same 3 letters (W, H, O) spelled differently make a huge difference.

Are you the kind of person na hirap mag-let go? 

Yung feeling mo you are the only person who can do the tasks best? And even the tasks na hindi mo alam gawin, you will insist to know the “HOW-TOs” para ikaw lang ang gagawa nga mga bagay-bagay kasi nga ikaw lang ang magaling.

Sakit besh!!!!

Or are you the kind of person na until now hindi pa nakakasimula sa freelancing business mo and you keep on hoarding courses kasi gusto mo matutunan muna lahat? Para din makapag-charge ka ng mahal, kasi you have the “KNOW-HOW”.

Mas masakit besh!!!!!!

In the freelancing business, it isn’t about being the expert in doing things but surrounding yourself with experts and “dealing on their behalf”.  It’s all about mindset.

In this episode, Niel Reichl and co-host, Corina Obrero, discuss things with “gigil” on how we can escape the “burn-out” stage of freelancing business yet charging high to our clients. 

I hope this episode opens your mind to start taking off your “expert DIY-VA” hat and learn to start new opportunities for you to confidently wear the “expert contractor’s hat” instead. Keep growing – keep improving your skills while learning how to develop a contractor’s mindset.

In this enjoyable and intriguing episode, you will:

  • Know the Stages in the Freelancing Business
  • Learn how to let go of the “Ako Lang Ang Magaling” mindset
  • Understand the “Ask Who, Not How” Concept
  • Develop the contractor’s mindset and start making your opportunities

Talking about making opportunities, watch out for Episode 4!.

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