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“Hala, anong gagawin ako? Tagilid na ko nito. Wala akong experience kahit sa ibang industry, tsk! Paano na ba ‘to?”

Kamot-ulo ka na ba sa pag-aalala na hindi mo maclose si prospect as a client kasi wala kang experience? Yung tipong wala kang experience at all?

We highly encourage you to listen to our previous episode, where we answered ang tanong na: “pano yan? Wala pa kong experience dun sa industry na yon? Paano ang gagawin ko?” Kung di mo pa napapakinggan ang episode na yan, better go and listen muna dito

Ngayon, kung tapos mo na pakinggan ang previous episode at hindi pa rin nasagot ang tanong mo dahil totally inexperienced ka, aba’y pause mo muna yang ginagawa mo at makinig. Bago ka pa mag switch on to ”basher-mode”, o kaya nama’y mag overthink, o mag pabebe ka sa harap ng prospect mo, join Coach Niel Reichl in this solo episode as he teaches you how to turn the odds in your favor. 

In this short, but sweet episode, learn:

  • How you can turn your disadvantage into your advantage
  • How to position yourself as a hungry, yet hire-able newbie freelancer
  • How to make your prospects see your disadvantage as an advantage for a win-win situation
  • How to convince the prospect to take you in even as a newbie without sounding too sales-y or clingy
  • Your huge advantage of learning a skill on the job while earning 

Your job here is to give emphasis on how you differ with other freelancers. And we will teach you that in this very episode. Kaya huwag nang magpatumpik-tumpik pa. Sama-sama tayong matuto as we uncover the hidden gems, and underlying opportunities on your disadvantage. 🤓 

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