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“I write emails for a living.”

Narinig mo na ba ang linyang ito?

Featured as one of the most handsome chinitos in When In Manila, a certified introvert and public accountant, this entrepreneur and Email Marketing Coach had a vision of his dream life after realizing that the accountancy path isn’t for him. Thanks to Robert Kiyoiosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book lent by his best friend.

In this special interview, listen as the Digital Solopreneur shares his experiences, learnings and insights as he walks us through his journey as a freelance business owner. Learn about digital marketing, building a sustainable online business, with tips on how introverts can make it out there in the freelancing world. Kahit pa extrovert o ambivert ka, welcome ka rin! Lalo na kung isa ka rin na namomroblema kung paano ba talaga mag succeed sa freelancing. 

In this episode, some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to Convert Leads with NO Social Media Following
  • The Introvert-friendly Platform and Skill
  • How to Stand out against the Competition
  • Why You Need to Build a Genuine Business as a Freelancer
  • How to Build and Grow a Sustainable Online Business
  • Why UX (User Experience) Matters for Every Business
  • The Mindset of an Effective Coach and Online Business Owner
  • His Unpopular Opinion on (Business) Growth 
  • Charging What You’re Worth 
  • The Parallelism in Parenting and Marketing

Mula freelancing, digital marketing, parenting, hanggang future ng team at pamilya, san ka pa?? Abangan na ang holistic episode na ito and get a glimpse of what a Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Life should look like. 🤓 

Listen now. Yan na ang links sa baba. 😉 





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