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May kilala ka bang pinagpala na nga – maganda, mayaman, matalino, magaling mag-english – and yet will not take offers that they will be “under-employed”? Or do you know people who are overthinking yet underdoing?

Or may kilala ka bang pinagkaitan at napakaraming limitations – ni hindi man lang nakagraduate – and yet they were successful and financially indestructible? 

The first type of person is the one with unfair advantages yet wasn’t able to maximize them.  The second one is the person who dares to make opportunities for himself because why not, he has nothing to lose.

In today’s episode, let’s talk about how you can maximize your unfair advantages or overcome your limitations and become financially indestructible.

In this pride-crashing yet motivating episode, you will:

  • Understand what are your unfair advantages and know how to maximize it
  • Discover how to be financially indestructible
  • Learn how to make opportunities from wherever or whatever phase you are in
  • How to keep being financially indestructible

I hope this episode reminds you that opportunity favors the bold. Keep making opportunities for yourself and be financially indestructible.

Ulitin natin ha. 

Opportunity favors the bold!!!!

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