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Kung si Google at Instagram ay nagkaanak, ito daw ang magiging baby nila…


How about ang magpahilo ng piso? Gusto mo rin bang matutunan kung paano? 

Naku, we highly recommend listening to this episode dahil hindi lang freelancing ang lessons na mapupulot niyo. Pero ilag ilag pa rin ha? 

Ihanda ang shield lalo na sa mga pabebe jan. Dahil in this episode, Coach Niel Reichl and co-Host Corina Obrero, together with the Pinterest Expert, Adie Palacios, talk about the realities of life and how even an introvert can not just survive, but also thrive, in their chosen field. 

In this episode, as Adie, The Risk-Taking Introvert, shares her interesting journey, learn about:

  • How Their Family’s Situation Taught Her To Be Prudent at 10 
  • The Pinteresting Turn Of Events For Adie And Her Family
  • Why Being An Introvert Was Never A Hindrance For Adie To Thrive In Life
  • The First-Mover Advantage 
  • Skill-Hopping vs Skill Dreaming 
  • Investing More Than What You Lost: Why You Shouldn’t Stop At One Failure 
  • The Best And Worst Times To Invest 

Listen now at baka sakaling mahiya naman yang pagkapabebe mo. Hindi lang kasi puro pangarap, besh… Kilos kilos rin! Yung pangmalakasang kilos na may at least equivalent results ha? Hindi yung masabi lang na may kilos nga, pero inarte naman. Di ubra ang excuses kahit pa introvert ka! Bleh! 

O, ayan na. Makinig na using the link to your favorite podcast platform below. 🙂 





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