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How to Handle Negative Feedback

“How stupid could you be!”

“How dumb can you be? Why can’t you pick up instructions?”

Yung tipong halos magtalukbong ka ng kumot in your video call dahil nga galit na galit si client? O kaya naman, gigil na gigil siya sa chat, nagpipigil ka lang sagutin at sabihing…

“aj&^*%& ah! Bastos ka!…”

“Mas shunga ka! You have no right to talk to me like that!”

Prrrrt! Bago ka pa man, sumagot jan at magpatalo sa emosyon mo, besh…

Tara na at samahan si Coach Niel Reichl in this solo, but meaty-and-juicy, short episode, na talaga namang naninipa at nangangagat sa anghang. 

In this episode, learn:

  • The Initial Reaction Ng Mga Poorita When They Receive A Client’s Negative Feedback
  • The First Step That You Should Be Doing The Moment That You Receive A Negative Feedback
  • The Number One Thing That Freelancers Miss When They Choose To Be Their Balat-Sibuyas, Pabebe & Poorita Self
  • The Non-Dermatologic Secret Cure Ng Mga Balat-Sibuyas Sa Negative Feedback 
  • The Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer’s Way Of Handling Negative Feedback

Think of today’s lesson as ‘a pact’ (A.P.A.C.T.), like a promise to yourself na you’ll work things out (for yourself, your business, and your client) in order for you to reach that dream of becoming a Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer. 

Hindi na kami magwiwish na sana ay may matutunan kayo, dear bashers. It’s a must! Dapat may natutunan kayo sa episode na ‘to. ‘Wag kalimutang huminga, okay?

Makinig na using the link to your favorite podcast platform below. 🙂 





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