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“Very, very poor daw? Bakit maganda balat mo? Bakit hindi ka puro tigidig? Bakit hindi ka puro bakokang?”

Ay, talaga namang mapapa-tanong ng ganyan ang mga bashers nating makikitid diyan sa ating guest for this episode. Pero naku, she’s ready sa no B.S., real-talkan session. Ready na ba kayo, bashers?

“Decide, then make it work.”

Yan lang naman ang pinanghawakan ng ating guest na ito when she came to that point in her life where she had to weigh her options and decide whether to continue studying or drop out of college… all for the love of family. 

Inuulan ng bashers sa TikTok, pero hindi papatinag, this always-on-the-go GenZ Entrepreneur has never let a pabebe moment ruin her dreams. She got rejected 13 times as a newbie freelancer, only to land her first client worth 5 thousand petot (Php5000)! But that didn’t stop her.

Tara na at samahan ang ating host, Coach Niel Reichl, and co-host, Corina Obrero, as they interview one of the boldest GenZ entrepreneurs and Freelancers in the Philippine Freelancing industry. And it’s none other than, Mechelle Carpio.

In this episode, learn:

  • The Boldest Decision-Making Strategy That Only The Brave Will Take
  • How To Take It When You’re Bashed As An Ambisyosa (or Ambisyoso)
  • Asking vs Assuming: What Mechelle Did That Helped Her When She Was A Newbie Freelancer 
  • Overthinking + Pessimism = Disaster
  • The Worst Thing That Stops You From Becoming Successful Big Time

Yan, at marami pang ibang makabagbag-damdamin at kabasag-basag pabebe at poorita mindset. Samahan niyo kami as this no B.S., real-talker Mechelle shares her journey of becoming the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer that she dreams to be. 

Tutok na! Listen using the link to your favorite podcast platform below. :) 





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