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The One Line Client Qualifier (And Disqualifier) To Help You Decide in Less Than a Minute

“Ha? Sure ka jan, coach? One line lang makakapagdecide na ako? Eh diba, need pang mag-build muna ng rapport para may good foundation kayo ni client?”

So, eto na nga… ang tanong jan, ilang oras, araw, taon o buwan na ba ang nasayang lang dahil bago pa kayo mag-DC, ginawa mo na ang lahat, mailipit lang ang lahat ng koneksyon o information na pwedeng mong gamitin mag-”click” lang kayo ni prospective client?

Tapos, ano nang nangyari? When you ended up not closing that person into a client, kasi hindi pala kayo “meant to be”, kahit pa same ang niche ng business niya sa niche mo o sa gusto mo… hindi ka ba nanghihinayang? 

Palagi ka na lang “charge to experience”. Pero hanggang kailan?

Hosted by Coach Niel Reichl, a premium Filipino freelancer, agency owner, and entrepreneur, listen and equip yourself with this one-line qualifier (and disqualifier) to get you to a decision on whether to work with the client (or not) in less than one minute.

In this short but sweet episode, learn about:

  • How To Establish Your Authority Even Before You Begin Working

  • The Real Point Of Conversation (And Why You Should Laser-Focus On It)

  • How It Can Save You Tons Of Time (And Heartache) from Building Relationships When You Later Find Out You’re Not “Meant To Be”

  • The Importance of Having (At Least) Three Qualifiers For Your Service And Your Business

  • The Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Mission

We make sure that each and every episode of the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer podcast is jam-packed with all the tools, tips, and tricks to get you to that ultimate dream. And this is the only way that we can achieve our mission:

“One day, Filipino Freelancers would be seen as Million Dollar Filipino Freelancers who deliver excellent, world-class results.”

Tutok na! Listen using the link to your favorite podcast platform below. 🙂 





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