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Start With Why.

If you know the classic childhood game na “Simon says”, at sige ka naman sa pagsunod after reading this book… it actually makes perfect sense… 

Unless poorita ka!

Aba eh, tara na at makinig and listen to the story of this episode’s heroine na panay tago sa lungga, until a tragic event hit close to home, and made her dig deeper on her own why.

Pero wag muna magconclude, okay? If you already know our guest and are amazed by her achievements, ay naku. Siya na mismo ang nagsabing it’s just the tip of the iceberg, whatever you see. Bago ang lahat ng yan, hindi naging madali. 

Hosted by Coach Niel Reichl, and co-Host Corina Obrero, we invite you to take a rollercoaster ride as the lehitimong may karapatan to name her program the Profitable Chatbot Business Mastery, agency-owner, and the recent Manychat Summit’s lead shares her journey from being a young broke entrepreneur to being an agency owner and course creator, who’s none other than… Charlene Ormo! 

In this special episode, learn about:

  • Hiding From The Limelight
  • The Ever-CHAnging Why Of A Young Entrepreneur
  • The Missing Puzzle And How She Found It
  • Wealth And Fame: Do They Really Have To Come Together?
  • The Noble And Cheesy, But Her Truthful Reason For Helping People
  • The Anti-Procrastination, Anti-Pa-Victim, and Anti-Pabebe Way From Further Depression
  • The Best And Worst Times To Know Your Why

Sama-sama tayong maiyak, masaktan, matawa, at masindak sa katotohanan, lalo na kung hanggang ngayon, Episode46 na tayo basher, eh pabebe ka pa rin! 

Tutok na sa isa na namang ka-abang-abang na episode ng the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancers

Listen using the link to your favorite podcast platform below. :) 





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