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“Health fitness is not another thing that we need to do. It is the positive multiplier to all the things that we’re already doing.” 

Can you imagine? Ang taong nagsabi niyan was a former loser. Pero hanggang ngayon, lazy pa rin! 

Akalain mo yun? Laki sa layaw, paparty-party, tatamad-tamad, pabebe! But ironically, being Lazy has been his biggest win. Aminadong pabebe ito, pero hindi poorita ang mindset. 

In this episode, our guest, who turns out to be not just a fitness expert, but… Brace yourselves, bashers. Dahil pati matinding mindset tips ay hatid namin para sa inyo today.

Join our host, Coach Niel Reichl, and co-host, Corina Obrero, sa isa na namang makabagbag-damdamin, eh, este, makabugbog taba, talagang gagawin kang fit in mind and body. Pati pabebe thoughts and beliefs mo, sure kaming masusunog rin. We are excited for this episode to interview the one and only, the Lazy Lifter himself…. Cho Lim.

In this episode, learn about:

  • The Number One Enemy of every Entrepreneur
  • The Building Block of Being Successful in just About Anything
  • The One Thing That People Try To Avoid That Hampers their Success 

Tara na at sama-sama tayong magsunog ng unhealthy fats, nakakatandang poorita and pabebe mindset, at makinig on The Lazy Lifter’s journey.

Listen using the link to your favorite podcast platform below. 🙂 





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