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Mga Negatron at Decepticon: What To Do About Them

“Is the future of our race not worth a single human life?” 


Nope! Hindi talaga.


Ano pa man ang sabihin ng mga negatron o taong nega, whatever you do, at ano pa man ang causes mo, they won’t and will never choose to understand. They will only and always find the fault in you.

So, then what’s in it for them? 


In this episode, learn about:

  • The Bitter Truth Behind Blind-Item Type Of Posts Of People 

  • The Dangers Of Letting Their Bitterness Get Into You

  • What You Should Do Instead

Tara na at makinig sa isa na namang sakitan, sabunutan, at kurutan session, with our host, Coach Niel Reichl, para naman ma-warn ka sa mga gawain ng mga ganitong uri ng tao, mga nagkukubli sa Facebook friends list mo.

Let’s break your limiting beliefs and everything in between that distracts you in unleashing the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer in you.

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