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Walang Waze, o perfect roadmap, for everyone… only ways. All you have to do is to find it, or create if you can’t. 

Kahit nga si Waze, o kahit Google map pa yan, diba nalligaw ka pa rin minsan? Aminin mo? 

Wala naman kasing blueprint for success. Basically, walang blueprint ang buhay.

You can never be sure that everything will turn out the way you planned or intended it to be. Yan ang masakit na katotohanan para sa mga mahilig magshortcut diyan. Yung shortcut na walang effort at all? Walang ganun! 

Hear from our special guest for this episode, who’s a 6-time PBA champion for Barangay Ginebra. He’s the assistant coach. And recently, he’s also one of the coaches responsible for the first loss ng Bay Area Dragons with their 7-foot-5 player! 

Trigger warning sa mga feeling o sadyang pa-victim diyan na kuntento na sa pagiging pavictim forever! Get ready to face and conquer your fears, dahil sa dami ng pinagdaanan nitong ating special guest for this episode? Ay talaga namang halimaw sa achievements, hindi lang pangsports ang maipapayo niya sa atin today, kundi practical, motivational and experiential tips rin! 

In this episode, learn about:

  • The Hard-To-Admit Truth Why Star Players Lose Their Shine 
  • The Reason Why Shortcuts Are Not Always The Way To Go
  • The Only Question You Have To Ask Before Doing Something 
  • Giving Up Is Never An Option
  • The Perfect Roadmap Of Every Successful Entrepreneur or Freelance Business Owner 
  • To Give Up Or To Get Up? 
  • The Power Of Being Mindful And Grateful 
  • Why Mind Over Matter Matters 
  • The Best Person To Talk To When You Need Someone 

Tara na at samahan ang ating host, Coach Niel Reichl, sa isa na namang sakitan, balyahan, at real-talkan session. Brutal kung magmahal – ganyan tayo dito, bashers! Dito lang sa The Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer podcast!

Tutok na! Makinig sa favorite podcast platform mo using the link below. :) 





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