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Rags to riches at madrama ang kwento ng buhay? 

Wag mo ng pagaksayahang hanapin yan for this podcast episode, kasi wala… Wala kang mahahagilap niyan. 

Sino bang may sabing kailangang palaging ganyan ang kwento just to make people listen and look up to you? Are those the only things that make someone “somebody”?

Ibahin mo ang guest natin for this episode. Think Vogue, Prada, Rolex, o mala-Emily in Paris, at isama na rin natin ang dating dream niya lang noon, sinasakyan niya na ngayon, na Jeep Wrangler. Meet the owner & founder of Vyous Digital Studio, Nian!

In this latest short episode, learn about:

  • How She Generated Her First Php100K In 3rd Year High School
  • The Common Thing Among Successful Freelancers and Entrepreneurs Regardless Of Economic Status   
  • The Real Secret Behind One’s Success Or Failure 
  • The Value Of Investing In Yourself 
  • The Importance Of Having A Mentor  

Tara na at samahan ang ating Host, Coach Niel Reichl at co-host, Corina Obrero, sa isa na namang episode para tanggalan ka ng dahilan, palusot, katwiran. Kasi, sabi nga, kahit gasgas na gasgas na…

Fail fast, fail forward. It’s the only way to make your dreams a reality. 

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