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A Close Encounter With The Podcast Queen

Ever wonder kung sino bang nagpasimunong isabuhay ang mga kalokohang to? Yung taong as in namuno sa pagexecute at gawing katotohanan ang podcast na ito? 

Started out polishing audio files with “uhms and ahs” and other fillers for podcasts, our guest for this episode is none other than the… ang promotor ng podcast na ito, the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast, and also the co-founder of ValuePod Productions. Most of the podcasts that they launched have been topping the charts and are continuing to do so. 

You can’t ignore the dedication she has put into her craft, discipline, and focus. Talagang hindi ito nagshift o switch ng skill and nag-stick lang sa iisang skill ever since. Kaya naman in this present time, she’s now reaping the fruits of her labor. Pero take note, our guest is a certified introvert!

Samahan natin ang ating hosts, Coach Niel Reichl at Corina Obrero, as they interview the co-founder and Mentor of ValuePod Productions, who is now teaching, helping, and changing the lives of, not just moms now, but a lot of other freelancers wanting to make it in the podcasting industry… Ce Mojica-Mercado. 

In this episode, learn:

  • Why Ce Joined Authority Circle… Again
  • Podcasting and The Revenue Line  
  • 3 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Own Podcast 
  • The Proper Podcast Launch Goal Setting Based On Current Assets 
  • Being An Introvert: A Gift Or A Curse? 
  • The Real Curse That Everybody Faces At Least Once In Their Life 
  • Spilling the T: Go Wide or Go Deep? 
  • The Velocity Of Conversion 
  • Podcast Listeners As Audience

After mong makinig, share ka na rin ng takeaways mo. Feel free to tag us on our social media channels. So far, doing this helps with retention. Thoughts become words, words become actions, and then, you can say goodbye to your old pabebe self and poorita mindset. Soon, ‘hello, Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer’ na yarn!

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