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Marami naman nakakakilala kay Niel Reichl as “coach Niel” pero bakit nga ba niya naisip maging coach? Saan nga ba nagstart ang freelancing journey niya? 

What makes “Coach Niel” qualified to become a Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer coach and how did he crush his own limiting beliefs to become and produce financially indestructible freelancers just like him? 

Marites alert: hindi po nagstart si Niel nang walang hugot, duda at walang insecurities when talking to clients and closing premium deals.  But as the saying goes: “A good leader was once a great follower.”

Bago ka ma-curious in getting Niel as your coach, we suggest kilalanin mo muna sya para alam mo kung ano ang pinapasok mo! 

In this first hot seat session, co-host Corina Obrero takes Niel Reichl from the very start of his freelancing career and the most important lessons that inspired him to be a coach himself. Press that play button so you will learn:

  • Gaano na katanda si Niel, when did he start coaching and why
  • Niel’s coaches in the Philippines and abroad
  • The top lessons these coaches have taught Niel
  • Why Niel doesn’t want to be called a “coach”
  • What are the qualifications of a good coach?
  • Where can you find good coaches that will help you get results?
  • How to influence people’s perception of you 

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