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The Email Jedi

Madalas, kapag nagsisimula tayo on something, we tend to keep quiet about the things that are happening while we’re working on it. 

And when we’re successful, that’s the only time we find courage to share what we went through while we were on the process of reaching for the goal. 

But when it fails, well, that’s the exact reason why we usually keep our mouths shut about almost everything that we start. 

And that’s what makes our guest for today what he is. Ang special guest natin for this episode ay very transparent on his journey, at hindi siya nahihiya. Six million pesos lang naman in 5 days ang nagenerate niya in one of his email copywriting clients. Pero he never get such achievement get into his head.

Tara na at samahan ang ating Hosts, Coach Niel Reichl and Ms. Corina Obrero, in this heart-to-heart talk with one of Authority Circle’s students, who is actually the most obedient sa kanyang batch. Ladies and gentlemen, the Email Jedi. 

In this episode, learn:

  • The Email Jedi’s Attack That Helped Him Help His Client Generate 6 Million Pesos In 5 Days 

  • The Simple, But Often Neglected Hack To Help Even Beginners To Craft Copy That Deeply Touches Your Readers’ Emotions 

  • How An Email Marketer Can Help Business Owners Scale 

  • Contractor’s Mindset 

  • The Humble Beginnings of The Email Jedi  

Kung aspiring email copywriter ka, this is an episode that you shouldn’t miss. 

Dito lang yan sa isa na namang episode ng the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast!

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