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The Power Couple That Made MDFF Podcast Possible

Curious ba kayo kung sino ang nagpasimunong isabuhay ang podcast na ito? Eh, ‘yung taga-edit, taga-conceptualize, ‘yung literal na nasa behind the scenes, kilala niyo? 

Well, power couple sila at kilala sila as the LizQuen ng Authority Circle. Oha?! Looks pa lang nila, panalo na, pa’no pa kaya ang company nila na Content Multiplied? Specialty nila ang pag-manage ng projects mo para mas magaan ang trabaho at ang pagre-repurpose ng content into smaller bits but attention-grabbing posts na lalong magpapa-lago ng business mo.

Hear from these special guests a different take on Content Marketing through creating multiple pieces of content creation, a.k.a. Content Repurposing. Presenting, the Power Couple, the LizQuen ng Authority Circle, at ang Founders ng Content Multiplied… walang iba kundi sina Alvin and Mhyla Uy.

In this episode, learn:

  • The Achilles’ Heels Of AI In Content Creation 

  • A Husband’s Unconventional Take On Having A Working Wife

  • The Thing That Surprisingly Kept Their Marriage Exciting

  • An Accidental Proof That This One Streaming Service Subscription Is For Everyone

  • The Unlimited Possibilities Of Content Repurposing In The Real Estate That’s Free For Everyone 

Samahan natin ang ating Host, si Coach Niel Reichl, kasama ang dalawang makulit na power couple na ‘to! Siyempre, dito lang yan sa Episode 73 ng The Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast!

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Learn about the Walt Disney-inspired dissemination of multiple content without starting from scratch, presented by the Power Duo, and Owners of Content Multiplied, Alvin and Mhyla Uy.

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