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The Modern Mortal Sin: Guilty Ka Ba?

Delaying gratification is a mortal sin. 

Agree or disagree?

Whatever your answer is, you would want to hold that thought, especially kung hindi mo ma-let go ang old beliefs mo. 

In our past two episodes, we talked about practicality. (I highly recommend that you go listen to those episodes muna. Link below.) The question now is…

What happens ba every time you delay your indulgences? 

Dito sa short episode na ‘to, pakinggan ang ating Host, Coach Niel Reichl, kung ano ba talaga ang nangyayari kapag dinedelay mo ang gratification na talaga namang deserve mo.

In this solo episode, learn:

  • Old Beliefs In Our Modern World: Applicable Pa Ba?

  • How Inventors Used Instant Gratification To Make Lives Easier

  • Instant Gratification: A Sin Or A Personal Reward

Dito lang ‘yan sa isa na namang episode ng ating podcast show na talaga namang sasabunutan, dudurugin, at susunugin ang pabebe at poorita mindset mo. Pwera na lang kung isa ka sa mga walang kapanga-pangarap na maging Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer? Episode 78 na!

Makinig sa favorite podcast platform mo gamit ang link below. 🙂 




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