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The Secret to Standing Out in a Saturated World

Gigil na gigil ka na ba to scale? 

You see your freelance idols post their wins here and there…

Others in your batch na saglit pa lang, already had huge wins, tapos ikaw?

Stop. Scrolling. Right. Now. 

Before you pity yourself and get demotivated with a tiny mistake or mishap, join our Hosts, Coach Niel Reichl and Ms. Corina Obrero, in this special interview with one of the most composed, calmest coaches we know. He is the Founder of the Scaling Agencies and Consultants Community Facebook Group helping Filipino agency owners, freelancers and consultants who are stuck going to their next level and wanted to scale without burning themselves out. He’s none other than… Coach Marc Allen!

Learn about:

  • His Real Last Name + Why “Allen”?

  • How Childhood Emotional Wounds Affect You As An Adult 

  • How Healing Your Inner Child Plays A Major Role To Success 

  • The Harmful, Subconscious Effects Of Social Media 

  • The No.1 Reason Of Burnout Among Business Owners 

  • Lesson vs Command

  • The Silent Path To Success 

Makinig na sa isa na namang special interview episode na talaga namang pasabog ng sangkatutak na valuebombs. Dito lang yan sa The Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast! Episode 81 na!

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