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The Different Currencies in Freelancing

Different Currencies? As in pera in PhP, Pounds, o USD ba yan? 

Admit it or not, pera. Mas maraming pera, kung hindi man maraming maraming pera. Yan naman talaga ang number one agenda kung bakit ka napadpad sa pagffreelance in the first place.


Pero alam o ba ang iba pang mga pwede mong kitain when you actually work on a project with a client? 

In this eye-opening solo episode, join our Host, Coach Niel Reichl, as he talks about the untouched treasures we often neglect when we are only fixated on the common currency we all know. And if you are here in this game for the long haul, you will know that these other currencies are as worthy as gold. 

Learn about:

  • The Common Currency That Everyone Knows and Wants 

  • The Different Ways We Expect That Common Currency To Be Paid 

  • The 8 Other Commonly Neglected Currencies That Are Surprisingly As Worthy As That Common Currency (And it’s not even in GBP or USD!)   

Tutok na sa Episode 82 ng the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast! Makinig sa favorite podcast platform mo. 😉 




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