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The Story Of A True Survivor

Consistent posting and always almost getting banned from LinkedIn… 

Wait, what??! 

Yes! Yan lang naman ang threshold ng ating guest for this episode to make sure he gets at least 1 booked client every angle week. 

From surviving Yolanda to thriving in freelancing after the pandemic gravely affected his freelancing business, this special guest has really proved his nutty brains with the results he’s given his clients, aside from bearing a name that sounds like a nut – almond! 

In this episode, samahan ang ating Hosts, Coach Niel Reichl and Ms. Corina Obrero, in an interview with one of the best graduates of Authority Circle, who’s now a certified authority in his niche, and an agency owner… Mr. Mon Agner! 

In this episode, get ready to learn about:

  • The Truth Behind The So-Called ‘Pandemic-Proof Freelancing’

  • Prospecting Tip: The #1 Sin That You Are Not Committing That Would Actually Give A Better Success Rate In Landing That Client 

  • That One Daily Habit To Get You Noticed 

  • The Trojan Horse Follow-Up System 

  • The Only Thing you Need To Know In Future-Proofing Your Skill 

  • The Authority Circle’s Method To Create A Money Soon Opportunity 

  • The Proven Way To Establish Your Authority 

  • Story Of A True Survivor 

  • What Freelancers And Agency Owners Keep On Doing That Stop Their Growth 

Kahit allergic ka pa sa nuts, hinding-hindi mo kakailanganin ng anti-histamine dahil sigurado kaming marami kang matututunan dito! 

Tutok ka na and get ready to make another step forward to becoming a Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer! (Only if you implement it!) 

Makinig na ng Episode 83 sa paboritong podcast platform mo gamit ang link below. 🙂 




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