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Di mo na kaya mag take on ng new clients? Do this!

Magaling magbenta, namomroblema!

Imagine… Pinipilahan ka ng mga kliyente so they can start working with you. Yung ang sakit na ng ulo mo kakaisip how you can take on new clients? 

Sarap, diba? Happy problem! Pero come to think of it… How can you unlearn saying yes? 

All this time, ang tagal mong nagsanay to hop on a DC, sangkatutak na rejections in the past to deal with. And finally, you’re at this phase where you are in a position to finally say no?? (If you are not on this phase yet, I highly recommend you go back and listen on our previous episodes first!)

So, ano nga ba ang gagawin? Ano ang dapat sabihin? 

In this solo episode, our Host, Coach Niel Reichl, will talk about:

  • The Best Time To Get New Clients

  • The Most Practical Way To Practice Pitching

  • Dealing With Yes-es When You Need To Say No: The Exact Script To Use For Your Ready-To-Pay Clients When You’re Currently Fully Booked 

  • That Uncanny Reason Why You Easily Close Clients (Is It Time For a Raise?)

  • An Alternative Way Of “Increasing” Rates

O, Episode 88 na ng the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast. Hindi ka na dapat pabebe sa mga natutunan mo. By this time, dapat ready ka na to say goodbye to being a poorita! 

Don’t forget to listen sa favorite podcast platform mo. 😉 




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