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The Good Diva: A HeArtful Quest For Success (Of A Creative Entrepreneur)

“When I’m passionate about something, talagang parang nawawala ako sa mundo na yon.”


Relate ka ba? 


From being a soloistang mahilig magdrawing at may sariling mundo to being a creative entrepreneur who consistently shows up, learn how this young and Good Diva faces the challenges of being a CEO herself. 


Listen to this solo episode with our Hosts, Coach Neil Reichl and Ms. Corina Obrero, at humandang maempacho sa dami ng golden nuggets na mapupulot niyo in this interview episode.


Learn about:

  • Transformation Of An Introvert: Alter Ego Effect Or Real Transformation?

  • The Lost Heart For Art: Putting Passion On Hold   

  • The Growing Pains Of An Entrepreneur: The Scary First Big Step

  • To Hire or Not To Hire: The Pros And Cons In Hiring Your Family

  • Binge-Watching As Stress-Reliever: Solution or Distraction?

  • To Hire or Not To Hire: Ego Is The Enemy 

  • An Unusual Concept Of Growth 

  • The Only One Who Can Replace You 

  • An Expert’s Golden Tips: The Checklist For Running TikTok Ads 

Kung Aspiring TikTok Ads Specialist ka, you NEED to listen hanggang dulo para sa exclusive tips mula sa ating guest. This young lady is the founder of The Good Diva Digital Marketing and is now the first official ambassador of LeBronify! 

Tara na at makinig sa Episode 89 ng the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast! Tune in na sa paboritong podcast platform mo. 😉 




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