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Empowering Success: The Synergy of Fitness, Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

“Bawal ang pabebe!”


Yan ang piiiiinakagasgas na linya ng ating Host, Coach Niel Reichl, na kilala naman nating galit na galit sa mga pabebe (at poorita). 

Pero in this episode, we’re letting out a secret… Witness how he casually opens up, sa pinakaayaw niya.  

Samahan ang ating host on his interview sa isang special guest who has been in the Sports and Fitness Industry for 20 years as a Female Coach, and find out the only type of pabebe na tanging accepted sa Bashers community. She’s none other than Ms. Llewellyn Tagarda, also known as Coach Xhi!

In this episode, learn about:

  • Revolutionary Fitness Coach Unveils Strategy That Ignites Action in Her Trainees

  • Unraveling the True Challenges in Pursuing Fitness Excellence 

  • Achieving Peak Performance: Mastering the Synergy Between Fitness and Entrepreneurship

  • Bridging the Gap: Fitness-Inspired Strategy Fueling Entrepreneurial Success 

  • Revelations of a Fitness Expert: Navigating Pandemic Challenges 

Yan, at marami pang golden nuggets sa episode na ‘to! Tune in as this innovative fitness coach reveals her groundbreaking approach that motivates her trainees to achieve their goals, and explore the intriguing connection between freelancing, entrepreneurship, and this transformative principle.

Dito lang yan sa Episode 93 ng the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast! Tutok na sa paboritong podcast platform mo. 😉 





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