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Unstoppable Spirit: A Freelance Copywriter Mom's Journey through Adversity and Triumph

“You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore to be happy.” -Nightbirde

Are you a struggling freelancer? 

Mapa-newbie, aspiring, o seasoned freelancer ka man, we all have our circumstances. Kanya-kanyang sitwasyon o pinagdadaanan. But will you let those circumstances hinder you to reach for your goals?

Mapa-freelancing man yan o sa personal na buhay, will you wait to feel ready or for everything to be perfect before you take charge of your life?

Finally! Nahuli din ang mailap na guest na ito, na siyang may pakana ng content nating Anti-Pabebe at Anti-Poorita. Discover a powerful story of resilience, growth, and triumph as a freelance copywriter mom. Listen to this woman’s candid account of how she navigated the obstacles, personal struggles with mental health, denial, and maintaining her well-being amidst her family’s needs during uncertain times. 

Learn about:

  • Coach Niel’s Connection Lesson #1: Ang Walang Kamatayang Giving Value 
  • Common Struggles: Revelations of a Freelancer Mom  
  • Coping And Copywriting: How Writing Helped In Coping With Stress And Depression 
  • The Silent Inner Battle: Panic In Pandemic 
  • And Life Goes On: The End Is A New Beginning 
  • When Life Gives You Lemons, Make A Lemonade! 
  • When DC Becomes A Distress Call: Wonderwoman Needs Help Too  

Dito lang yan sa Episode 95 ng the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast! 

Tune in na sa paboritong podcast platform mo. 😉 




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