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The Humble Beginnings of a Funnel Building Expert

Looking to ditch corporate life and switch to freelancing? 


Hold that thought… 


Before you leave your job to jump into full-time freelancing, ask yourself…


“Do I really have to make this choice?”


In this episode, abangan ang interview ng ating Hosts, Coach Niel Reichl and Ms. Corina Obrero, with one of the top Authority Circle students, who’s rocking the freelancing world, now an agency owner, and yet is still a full-time Product Engineer at a semiconductor company. He is the Founder of Compelling Digital Marketing, Mr. Michael Galicia.


Learn about:

  • The Humble Beginnings of Building A Life In Freelancing

  • The Simple, Underrated Secret To Choosing A Skill In Freelancing

  • Things You Can Let Go Instead When Doing Freelancing 

  • Usapang Investments: The Security In Taking Risks 

  • Secured Corporate vs Risky Freelancing: Why This Funnel Builder Won’t Choose

  • Not Choosing As A Choice: How “Both” Is A Logical Option 

Kaysa naman pagsisihan mo yang pagtalon where the grass is greener, which is actually not as green as you think…


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